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Songwriting Sessions - Recording Sessions - Jam Sessions: 

It’s where songwriters and musicians let things flow. It’s where curiosity and creativity love to play. It’s where revelations are born and new patterns take root. It’s a supportive place where you can stretch out and explore.  

Intune Theme Song Sessions offer you the same experience. 

Online and in-person, these 90-minute group sessions start with inspiring personal storytelling and original music that set the stage for transformative inner exploration. Through guided reflection and journaling, you will uncover deep personal truths that will help ground your sense of self and clarify your inner wisdom. Every Theme Song Session is followed up with a reinforcement tool that reflects your unique discoveries during the session and is set to that session’s theme song.

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Core values

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Defining and living into your core values is one of the most empowering steps you will take on your journey to the edge of becoming. This isn't about what society, your faith, or your family has identified as important. This is a deep dive into what's important to YOU.

Sorting out core values is a way of sorting out life choices because they are the threads that weave the tapestry of what you're here to do and who you're meant to be. They not only clarify what fulfills you but also what you have to give to the world. 

Knowing your core values will allow you to:  

✧Establish + Trust your discernment process by clarifying your inner sense of self   
✧Set Loving Boundaries that will help you ebb and flow through life with more ease   
✧Let Go + Put Down those things that aren't aligned with your authentic soul needs 
✧Lead Your Life not just live your life 

In this session, you'll hear the story behind one of my original songs and how it relates to holding true to your core values. Then we'll work through a seven-step process to uncover and define your personal core values. At the end of the session, you'll have a working list of your core values and suggestions for how to validate and refine them as needed. When you've completed your process, you'll receive a personalized music video that reflects your core values. Incorporate this powerful reinforcement tool into a daily practice to keep your values top of mind so that you can align your life with greater ease and confidence.


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