We’re weaving together our inner experiences of spirit with external wisdom and the reality of our outer lives so that we can get in tune, share our gifts, and experience the joy of striving for our potential. We’re doing our part to help heal the world.

We’re weaving together our inner experiences of spirit with external wisdom and the reality of our outer lives so that we can get in tune, share our gifts, and experience the joy of striving for our potential. We’re doing our part to help heal the world.

Checkbook Boxes + Rubber Bands

Some of my most powerful childhood memories center around the whispers of my soul pulling me toward music. In my earliest years of school, my music teacher said I was too young to try out for the coveted Away In A Manger solo for midnight mass and too young to compete in our regional singing competition. But the whispers told me I was meant to sing so I couldn’t take no for an answer. I secured an audition and earned that solo. I also got the rules for the competition changed so that younger students could participate. At the same time, my hands yearned to strum the strings of a guitar. I didn’t have access to one so I had to get creative. I took the boxes that my parent’s books of checks came in and strung them with six rubber bands to make my own version of a guitar. I did that until I was 8 years old when Santa brought me a little, red guitar. To my great delight, I could play two songs by nightfall and shortly after that, I was playing every week in church.

What makes these memories so powerful isn’t the music that I made, but how music made me. The whispers taught me to push on possibility, which opened doors for myself and for others. They also taught me that deep longing isn’t something to be ignored, it’s a gift that’s trying to be birthed. As children, the whispers from our soul were so clear and felt so natural to honor that we never thought to doubt them. How can we get in tune to hear them clearly and honor them again?

Connecting the Dots

Even as I was honoring the whispers from my soul, I was also navigating an external landscape that kept telling me not to trust my inner experience. Being raised in a devoutly Catholic family and educated in Catholic schools for 12 years created a solid first-half-of-life container in which I could safely organize and make sense of the world around me. I’m grateful for that structure. At the same time, there were elements that felt stifling and inauthentic as I was told to abandon my inner wisdom and place my trust in external authority. I was never taught how to integrate my inner experience of spirit and knowing with the wisdom that can be found in external sources. This either-or proposition put me on the path as a spiritual seeker looking to connect the dots. My approach to coaching recognizes that our inner experience of spirit and outer lives long to live in harmony. I believe that establishing that connection is essential for personal and societal transformation.

The Edge of Becoming

I’ve been embracing the edge of becoming my entire life. You know, that heart-pounding place where you’re about to discover some new aspect about yourself. As a young child, I was pulled to the edge over and over again by music. It required me to step outside of my comfort zone and move through fear. In return, I was rewarded with a blissful state of flow and happiness, which I define as the joy you feel striving for your potential. When it was time for college, the edge of becoming beckoned again as I was accepted to the college I had longed to attend since second grade. I didn’t know anyone at that school and it was out of my parent’s budget, which would require me to take on a modest level of student loans. I ignored the whispers telling me this is where I belonged and instead rationalized choosing a school that my parents could afford and where my friends were. At the edge this time, I was more loyal to my fears and the soft embrace of safety than to my inner knowing. I let my head speak louder than my heart.

My college experience was underwhelming. I wasn’t exactly unhappy but I also didn’t feel the rich kind of happiness that I knew in my earlier years. The experience felt disconnected from something vital. Often, that’s what happens when we walk away from the edge, when we betray the whispers and don’t honor our true desires. Nothing imminently bad may happen, but we miss out on the experiences that feed our soul and reveal the path to our highest potential. It’s how we slowly start to get out of tune. It’s so subtle it’s almost imperceptible. The good news about getting out of tune is that the Universe is always offering up new opportunities to get in tune. We just have to be honest enough to see them and brave enough to follow them all the way to the edge, even when they don’t make sense to our rational mind.

The Further Journey

As an adult in my volunteer and professional roles, I was known for making things happen. For helping organizations and people mobilize, prioritize, strategize, get creative and take action. For galvanizing groups and motivating them to walk boldly to the edge where potential and possibility thrive. For helping them get in tune. So why wasn’t I able to walk to the edge for myself anymore? Why was I so out of tune that I couldn’t hear my own soul song? I yearned to feel connected to my essence and to have a more consistent flow of that rich happiness that used to wax but was increasingly waning in my soul. Being pulled to the edge of becoming was a familiar feeling, but now, in the second-half of my life, another path beckoned – the further journey. On the further journey we have the opportunity to make, and then repair, any necessary breaks in the strong container we were given in the first-half-of-life and then fill that container with what’s most meaningful to us. We move from a survival dance to a sacred dance. On this journey, we’re called to redefine, discover or rediscover our core values and the ways in which we are meant to embody the Divine in this world. And that’s exactly what I did. After years of neglect and denial, I started to invite the whispers back into my life and I took great care to find ways to animate them again. One way of honoring those whispers was by slowly coming to admit, and accept, that music and working to help myself and others push on possibility and birth deep longings was part of my Divine DNA. That led me to start a successful music studio and launch Intune, work that feeds my soul and makes my spirit fly. Work that I am grateful to do every day.

What’s most personal also seems to be most universal.

My path, and the twists and turns along the way, don’t mirror anyone else’s, and yet, there’s a natural and unifying rhythm about the scenery. As I’ve interviewed people for my podcast and stepped into my coaching practice for fellow seekers who are embracing the edge of becoming or navigating the further journey, I’ve been heartened to move among the brave warriors who pilgrim together.

We’re discovering new ways to weave our inner experience of spirit with external wisdom and the reality of our daily lives to find flow and harmony. We’re using effective tools and techniques to shift from a state of fear, guilt, and self-doubt, to one that liberates us to experience the thrill of dreaming, self-discovery, new opportunities, and meaningful contribution. We’re making sense of liminal space, those disorienting threshold days when restlessness takes hold and transformation is beckoning but we don’t yet know what it looks like.

We’re getting in tune with our truest self, sharing our gifts, experiencing the joy of striving for our potential, and doing our part to help heal the world. I hope you’ll join us.

 A little bit of mystical woo and a whole lot of practical tools.

“I loved this process! I found it to be a perfect way to reconnect with who I am at the core, to crystallize what is important to me and to articulate it in a way that allows me to finally move forward. With Becki as my guide, I felt safe. She asked the right questions, pushing me to look deeper – all with grace, compassion and generosity. A life-changing experience.” 

– Pam