Exploring the Edge of Becoming

Few places are as exhilarating or as frightening as the heart-pounding edge of becoming. That time when you are fighting through the uncomfortable unknown. That gap between where you are and where your soul is calling you to be. I'm here to hold space for you, to shine some light for you, and most of all - to encourage you to keep going. I hope that my coaching opportunities, music, and podcast will help you get in tune with your inner wisdom, embrace the twists and turns along the way, and find peace on the edge.     

YES, soul seeker! You were born with a gift that's uniquely yours - your very own soul song - and when you unleash it into the world, man does it sing! If you're here, it's because you've heard the whispers calling you. I'm here to hold space so that we can explore this path together. Let's keep going! ”

I'm Becki Fleischer, a project manager and adult educator, turned singer-songwriter, musical entrepreneur, personal growth coach, and overall catalyst for creative action. I've been embracing the edge my entire life. From a straight-laced project manager where tight control, direct routes, and efficiency are the name of the game to living life as a musician where going with the flow, endless exploration, and slow time are key ingredients. I've heard the whispers from my soul and I've felt the unrest that it can create when you start to run them down. As a coach for those on the further journey and as a fellow soul seeker, I'm here to tell you the work is worth it and the gifts that you possess have never been more needed in our world. I'm excited to travel this road with you. Let's get going and keep going, together! 


SHIFT, the first song I ever wrote, and my invitation to follow the path to the edge of becoming.
Hear the story in my podcast episode, "Oh Shift, What's Happening."

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