Becki Fleischer 

Inspired Singer-Songwriter | Musical Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Life Coach

Becki is known for making things happen. For helping people and organizations that are stuck or not reaching their full potential get creative and take action. For galvanizing groups and motivating them to walk boldly to the edge where potential and possibility thrive. For helping them get in tune. An experienced adult educator, her earnest and engaging presentation style, candid conversations, and original music, help her connect with audiences on a deeper level than traditional personal development speakers.  

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Becki served as the Director of Scheduling for the Indiana Secretary of State in both her government and political offices before moving to Washington DC where she was a political appointee in the White House Office of Management and Budget and the U.S. Department of Education. In those roles, she served as the project manager on the production of the Federal Budget Volume and the President’s Management Agenda and launched the Innovations in Education Exchange for stakeholders in the field of education. 

Becki is an active volunteer in her community assuming leadership positions to help advance strategic goals and raise funds for non-profits focused on community building, women's leadership, public health, and education. After her successful term as President of The Junior League of Northern Westchester, Becki approached the League’s International Association (AJLI) with suggestions for improvements, which turned into a paid consulting role. At AJLI Becki worked with senior staff to advance key elements of their multi-phased, multi-year strategic plan, helped develop and deliver their keystone curriculum on Issue-Based Community Impact, launched their eLearning programs and popular semimonthly webinar series, and was part of the launch team for The Next Chapter, an initiative to reconnect members with the Association. 

In 2015 Becki’s life began to shift as she reengaged with her childhood passion for music. What started out as a hobby turned into a deep journey of self-discovery and personal reinvention, which shared in her podcast, Unleash Your Soul Song. In 2018 she co-founded Four26 Studios to write custom songs, perform live music at events, and record music for film and TV. In 2020 she launched Intune and is currently completing her life coach certification through The Life Purpose Institute and wrapping up the Playing Big Facilitator Training with Tara Mohr. Becki is on a mission to provide people on the edge of becoming with the tools and confidence to venture on their own personal journey through experimentation and reinvention.