Grief as A Tool for Transformation

We all experience grief in our life but how we move through it and are moved by it can be very different. When I lost my Dad 2 years ago this month, I let the floor cave in and waited to be caught by something else – something new and more substantial. It was the tipping point for me to go fully through the threshold of liminal space that I had already been ushered into - the Further Journey to true integration with my soul. Interestingly, in that time and space around his death, my connection with my inner wisdom and spirit went from what felt like a slow-speed dial-up to lightning-fast fiber optic. It was like I was on a spiritual supercharger. The things that were happening in and around me were nothing short of amazing.

What it looked like to go through that transformative experience and how we can use grief as a powerful tool on the journey to becoming is what I’m sharing with you in today’s show.

So many people are grieving in the world right now. If this is how you are feeling, I encourage you to honor your grief and give it the proper space and time to reveal what it’s trying to show you. It just might surprise you in ways you never could have imagined.  xoB


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