Trust Your Abundance with David Strickel

Have you been waiting for life to open up in amazing ways around you? According to the teachings of The Stream, when we learn to forgive, seek to understand, and remove judgment that’s exactly what will start to happen.

Today’s guest, David Strickel, is a channel who, since early childhood, has been receiving downloads of thought from a group of non-physical entities of consciousness that he calls The Stream. He developed an ability to share this guidance for the benefit of others and has created a simple set of tools that profoundly transformed every aspect of his life, delivering a life of joy, clarity, and abundance. These tools have become the basis of his TYA Practice – Trust Your Abundance.

Through The Stream, David has learned that we all have a direct connection to Source energy but that many of us have turned off our ability to connect by adopting fear, doubt, and worry as our main operating system. Give today’s show a listen to learn more about how David got in tune with his connection, what lessons The Stream has for us, and how we can trust our abundance so that we can feel more joy, more peace, and more clarity in our lives.  xoB


Connect with David on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok @thestreamofdavid and get his book, “The Stream, Eternal Wisdom For a Better Life” on Amazon.

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