The Enneagram: A Tool for Spiritual Growth

Are you looking for a map that can take you to the seat of your soul? If so, don’t miss today’s conversation with Vrin Rao on the Enneagram, an ancient framework of 9 archetypes/energies, that will shed so much light on your path that it can be hard to look at sometimes! The Enneagram helps us grow in spiritual discernment and awaken to the gifts we have to give to the world and helps us understand the WHY behind our emotions, actions, motivations, and needs.

As an Enneagram Coach, Vrin covers a lot of ground in this conversation including:

✧A comprehensive overview of the Enneagram framework, the primary motivations of each type, the intelligent centers, the wings, and points of integration and disintegration;

✧The role that awareness plays in the health or stress of each type;

✧How the Enneagram helps us get more comfortable with ambiguity and gives us space to hold contradictions within ourselves with love and understanding; and

✧How to work with the Enneagram once you know your type to enhance your personal and spiritual growth.

There are a few tools that I’ve picked up on my journey to the edge of becoming that I pull out of my toolbox again and again. The Enneagram is one of them. Already familiar with the Enneagram or are you’re saying: “The Enne-a-what?!?”  No matter where you are on this journey, this conversation’s got something for everyone. I hope you enjoy it. xoB


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