Reclaiming Your Dreams with Megan Colleen Johnson

I’m super excited to bring you today’s show with Megan Colleen Johnson – a life coach and business consultant for creatives, misfits, and holy outsiders. Today we’re talking about the art of reclamation – taking back the personal power and dreams that were always yours to have. There are a few things that go into this work and she’s sharing them all on today’s show. We’re covering:

✧ The 5 phases of self-reclamation

✧ The power of curiosity in the reclamation process and how to cultivate it

✧ A powerful practice that can help us tap into our trust and intuition

With a focus on self-trust, wholeness, and sovereign reclamation, Megan’s helping us discover our magic, stand in our power, and reclaim our dreams. I hope you enjoy the conversation! xoB


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