Getting Unstuck with Stacie Barber

Feeling stuck? Not sure how to get back in motion? In today’s show Mindset + Life Coach Stacie Barber invites us to join her in the vulnerable, honest, and very real space that can help us get back in motion. Her personal journey has some really challenging parts, which she shares with us today. Through her story, she shows us how to weave the hard parts of our own lives into our story, but not allow them to define who we are today or who we decide to be tomorrow. It’s a real-world example of the include + transcend formula that leads to transformation. If you’re ready to harness the ‘power of the pause’ we’ve all just experienced and stop reacting to things in our lives and to start responding in a manner that not only serves us but everyone around us, you don’t want to miss this conversation. Stacie shows us how living in our full expression allows others to do the same so that they don’t feel like they have to stay stuck and how seeing that expression come to life in ourselves and in others allows for the most beautiful awakening to occur. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. xoB


Connect with Stacie and learn more about her 1:1 Coaching Program: Grounding Into Your Radiance and her small group coaching program: The Sisterhood Collective at You can get the Feminine Flow and Lunar Connections resource we discussed on the show here: and grab her 5-day training RESET FOR RADIANCE here:


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