Emerging from the Covid Cocoon

How much has changed for you since we entered the Covid cocoon? Now that we’re able to start getting out a little more, how are you going to bring along all the things you’ve been doing, all the ways you’ve been growing, and all the ways you’ve been transforming? How are you going to live into the lessons you’ve been learning throughout this pandemic – whatever that’s been?  It’s about to get real – again – but in a different way than it did in the Covid cocoon. Now that we’re able to step out and start taking action, things like limiting beliefs can start to layer on and keep us stuck. Don’t let it happen to you! Today I’m sharing some insights about limiting beliefs including:

✧Why they have the power to keep us stuck;

✧Two signs that you’re up against a limiting belief; and

✧A three-step process for dealing with them so you can leave them in the dust as you fly into the future.

As we all start to emerge from our Covid cocoons, let’s make sure that we’re ready to fly with strong wings. Don’t let things like limiting beliefs and carrying values that aren’t aligned with your soul purpose weigh you down, because soul seeker, you are meant to soar!  xoB


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