10 Random Things 

You Could Never Pick Up from the Long and Short of It 


  1. Ten-Year-Old Me: Was busy totally annoying my three older sisters or being annoyed by my younger one (yes, 5 girls….one bathroom!...maybe I’ll do a podcast about how we survived). When I wasn’t doing that, I was outside, with my friends, on my bike with long pigtails flapping in the wind, sitting in my climbing tree, or playing my guitar, the piano, or singing in the school choir.  
  2. Favorite Season: Spring – as is evident by all of the photos on this website, which I took myself. It’s a visual kaleidoscope of rebirth and renewal. Plus it smells amazing! 
  3. Dream Indulgence: Lingering over a long lunch with a glass of wine and a great conversation. 
    *Pure. Bliss.* (Rarely happens.)  
  4. Real Indulgence: Getting Chipotle and eating in front of the TV with my two kids.  
    *Greatest. Hang.* (Happens more than is probably healthy!)  
  5. Bad Mood Cure: Pita Chips and a Diet Pepsi.   
  6. Organized Religion: Mark my status as: It’s complicated. Without reservation, I can say I believe in a higher power. Use whatever name for it that floats your boat. I was raised Catholic and am now raising my kids Jewish. I have a real interest in and affinity for the spiritual truths that live at the heart of organized religion but have no patience for their manipulation.  
  7. Spirit Guide: The cardinal. Ever since I started getting in tune, whenever I’ve needed reassurance or a nudge to move from contemplation to action, I’ve seen one.  *Every. Single. Time.*  
  8. Most Spiritually Charged Time in My Life: When my amazing Dad passed away in July 2019. Feeling the depths of pain that mirrored the stratospheric heights of such a great love was one of the most devastatingly beautiful things I’ve ever experienced.    
  9. Musical Me: From recording my original songs, custom songs for clients, and music for film and TV to performing live with a few different groups – I stay musically busy and I love it! People say I have an uncanny ability to sound like many legendary female artists. If I had to create a shortlist of some of my favorite songs to sing it would have to include: You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt, Angel from Montgomery (John Prine) featuring Bonnie Raitt, Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) featuring Stevie Nicks, You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette (oh yes, I go there), Zombie (The Cranberries) featuring Dolores O’Riordan, and Rolling in the Deep by Adele. 
  10. Theme Song: My song Highest Ground! I have always believed that the Universe puts into the world exactly what we need – on an individual and collective level. I also believe we often dismiss it or snuff it out before it can deliver the goods. Higher ground is always available and easier to find when you are in tune with your true self.